Systematize and scale your customer success strategy by implementing it within the Gainsight platform. Integrate Gainsight with your CRM and other key customer lifecycle technologies to create a Customer Data Foundation that drives customer adoption, retention and expansion.

Our certified Gainsight team can work with you to:

KICK START your adoption of Gainsight by:

  • Enabling your Gainsight users to access and utilise Gainsight features
  • Establishing a Customer Data Foundation in Gainsight customized with your SFDC data
  • Centralizing the view of your SFDC data in Gainsight through customized Customer 360s, Dashboards and Reports

NAVIGATE your customers in Gainsight by:

  • Integrating usage, support ticket, survey & NPS, payments and marketing emails into your Customer Data Foundation
  • Measuring customer health via customized Gainsight Scorecards

ACCELERATE your customer success strategy through Gainsight by:

  • Building strategic plans with your customers using customized Gainsight Success Plans
  • Automating execution using customized Gainsight Rules and Gainsight Journey Orchestrator
  • Standardizing processes and tasks using customized Gainsight CTAs and Gainsight Playbooks
  • Listening to your customers using customized Gainsight Surveys

We also provide Gainsight administration as a managed service.

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Systematize and scale your sales strategy by implementing and adopting the Salesforce platform in a way that matches how you want your sales teams to operate and succeed.

Our certified Salesforce team can work with you to:

  • Implement the Salesforce platform with an approach focused on time-to-value and user adoption
  • Standardize, sanitize and optimize your Salesforce data
  • Provide ongoing administration and development services for your Salesforce instance(s)
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