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Applying Lean Management to Customer Success

Will buying sales software give your B2B SaaS company a great sales strategy? No. It won’t. Most sales leaders know this. Great sales software will operationalize a great sales strategy. It will enable the strategy [...]

Valuize Consulting Acquires Sandpoint Consulting

Valuize Consulting Acquires Sandpoint to Meet Growing Demand From B2B SaaS Companies in the United States Valuize Consulting has acquired Sandpoint Consulting in the United States. Sandpoint, also a Gainsight partner, specialized in applying customer [...]

The Role of Pre-Sales in Customer Success – Part 2

Customer Success Starts with Pre-Sales In Part 2 of this 2-part series, Mergeable’s CEO, Edward Czech and Valuize Consulting’s CEO, Ross Fulton explain why pre-sales is critical to any company with a customer success strategy. [...]

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