Why Customer Success Strategy for Early Stage SaaS Startups is Crucial

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Should early-stage SaaS startups prioritize the design and integration of their Customer Success Strategy? After all, isn’t product development and new customer acquisition all that matters? At least until we get deep into 7 figures of ARR? Yes, it's a priority. A big one. It's part of the startup's search for product/market fit. Whether Customer [...]

Is Your Customer Success Strategy Smashing Through Walls?

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Strong. Determined. Brave…and covered in brick dust and plasterboard. All the above are common traits of a top Customer Success leader in today’s successful B2B SaaS companies . These leaders are armed with a Customer Success strategy that empowers them to run through walls in their businesses. These high, and hard walls are made up of [...]

Strategic Customer Success Lessons from 400 SaaS Companies: Part 2

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  Welcome to Part 2 of Strategic Customer Success Lessons from 400 SaaS Companies. This 2 part series offers strategic lessons on how to use your Customer Success Strategy to improve the unit economics and, therefore, the growth and valuation of your SaaS company. These lessons are a result of my analysis of the 2017 Private [...]

3 Strategic Customer Success Lessons From 400 SaaS Companies

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  What’s more interesting than being able to sneak a peek through a hole in the fence at your peers and competitors to see how successful they’re being? The latest Private SaaS Company Survey from David Skok and KBCM Technology Group  provides SaaS business leaders exactly that pleasure. My last blog post referenced some of the [...]

3 Ways Your Customer Success Strategy Can Create Winning SaaS DNA

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How does your Customer Success Strategy fit into your SaaS business model? As a stand alone role, team or function focused exclusively on onboarding new customers passed over from Sales? An aspiration or cultural value for your otherwise new-logo driven Sales team? A go-to-market friendly buzzword to replace the name of your Support or Professional [...]