Valuize Consulting Acquires Sandpoint to Meet Growing Demand From B2B SaaS Companies in the United States

Valuize Consulting has acquired Sandpoint Consulting in the United States.

Sandpoint, also a Gainsight partner, specialized in applying customer success strategy consulting, customer success operations development and Gainsight adoption services to help B2B SaaS companies ensure their customer base is healthy, retained and expanded.

Headquartered in the US with a significant client base in New York and Silicon Valley, Sandpoint helped businesses like Pathgather, productboard and Blue Cedar reduce churn, drive expansion and scale their customer success operations.

Emily Speer Ryan, co-founder and principal of Sandpoint will now lead Valuize’s customer success strategy and Gainsight practices in the US. Emily said:

“While customer success as a philosophy continues to take hold, companies are more and more aware that they need a plan to effectively execute in this space. The days of waiting for the customer to ask for help are coming to an end. Businesses have to be more proactive, more data-driven and more strategically aligned with their customers than ever before. And they need to do it at scale. Sandpoint Consulting is excited to join Valuize and continue to partner with companies like Gainsight to ensure the infrastructure supporting customer success is designed to scale, while keeping customers and companies healthy. Customer success isn’t just an organization, it’s a company imperative.”

Ross Fulton, co-founder and CEO of Valuize Consulting, said:

“The alignment of values, objectives and capabilities between Valuize and Sandpoint was striking from the first day our two companies met. B2B SaaS companies are increasingly looking for a single partner that can help both engineer customer acquisition, adoption and expansion strategies AND operationalize these strategies in market-leading technologies like Gainsight and Salesforce. The addition of Sandpoint to Valuize will enable us to expand our role as that single partner to B2B SaaS companies across the US building upon the value we’re already delivering to the likes of General Electric’s Digital division.”