This is part 2 of my 2 part video series sharing the key takeaways from a discussion I recently led between over 50 Sales and CS professionals on the question of whether there’s a Great Divide between Sales and CS. (Part 1 can be found here)

Sales and CS professionals are in a marriage with each other. This is what I proposed (pun intended) to the group in Vancouver and it hit home.

Unfortunately, it’s not a happy marriage in most companies: communication is poor; there’s often distrust; maybe jealousy.  

So I also suggested to the group that perhaps we can look to couples therapy methods for some help in improving your marriages to your Sales and CS peers.    

Inspired by the Gottman Method of couples therapy, here are 3 ways you as an individual can take immediate action to reduce the divide between you and your Sales or CS peers:

#1 “Building Love Maps”!

Let’s start with my personal fave: what Gottman refers to as Building Love Maps!

No, I’m not advising you to start sending out meeting invites for Love Mapping workshops. What the Gottman Method is describing here is the process of understanding each other. In this case, each other’s professional world.  

Ask yourself and your peers:

  • What makes your CS or Sales colleague feel successful?
  • What do they fear will prevent them from being successful?
  • What negative experiences have they had in a relationship with someone else in the same role as you?

Knowing these answers can enable you to understand your CS or Sales peer and build a better working relationship for the benefit of each other and your customers.

#2 “Share Fondness and Admiration”

Secondly, Gottman emphasizes the need to Share Fondness and Admiration. While we might not be able to walk around the office comfortably sharing ‘fondness’, I think we can certainly do better on the admiration front between Sales and CS  in most companies:

  • Celebrate Sales wins together
  • Celebrate CS wins together
  • Express recognition of each other’s contributions to wins

#3 “Turn Towards Instead of Away”

Lastly for today, Gottman encourages partners to Turn Towards Instead of Away. Each time your Sales or CS colleague asks for your help, turn towards them not away.

Do what you can to help. These requests for help are great opportunities to connect with the other person and help close a divide if it exists.