In Your B2B SaaS company, is it clear what role or team can be most successful at expanding revenue from your existing customer base…

…and therefore who should be accountable and incentivized to do so?

No? First, it’s worth acknowledging that you’re not alone in being unsure.

There is a raging debate among Sales, Customer Success and other B2B SaaS executives as to who should “own” expansion revenue.

The debate is driven by political, organizational and cultural legacies and fears within the companies and forums of these executives.

In short, it’s an unproductive debate producing unproductive answers that won’t advance the success of your revenue expansion strategy.

Instead, I encourage you take to take an objective look at what roles or teams can best perform the following 4 actions: 

  1. Through quantified leading indicators, identify existing customers ready to invest in the achievement of new outcomes
  2. Understand and prescribe new outcomes that will drive the highest value realization for that specific customer
  3. Leverage strong customer relationships rooted in the success of achieving past outcomes together
  4. Use solution and industry-specific knowledge to explain the ROI available to that customer and how that ROI will be delivered

When combined, these actions will drive the most efficient and effective revenue expansion within your existing customer base.  

So who can best execute these actions in your company?

Customer Success?


Or do you need to build/train a hybrid team?

There is no one answer for all B2B SaaS companies. Your customer types, product types, pricing models, value drivers in your business will help determine who can best execute these actions.

But I can assure you the answer isn’t found by just listening to who makes the loudest claim or by watching who proactively avoids accountability for revenue generation.