Increasing Revenue Retention and Expansion for B2B SaaS Companies

With Valuize’s proven approach:

  • Increase recurring revenue retention + expansion by 10% or more
  • Grow Customer Lifetime Value
  • Improve alignment between Sales, Customer Success, Professional Services and Support teams for the benefit of your business and customers
  • Optimize efficiency of acquiring new customers



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Customer Adoption Is Not Simply Achieving The Customer's Usage Of Your Product

At Valuize, we believe customer adoption is the customer’s recurring achievement of prescribed Value-Based Outcomes through your product. Why prescriptive? To achieve scalable, predictable and profitable growth in B2B SaaS, standardized ways of delivering recurring value realization are needed. We help our clients achieve this through:

Design of Adoption Methodologies that achieve Value-based Outcomes on a repeatable, scalable and measurable basis. Learn More
Integration of Adoption Methodologies into a holistic Customer Success strategy including Customer Success-led revenue acquisition, retention and expansion processes. Learn More
Transformation of customer value realization through the embedding of Adoption Methodologies across the end to end customer lifecycle including Sales, Product, Support, Professional Services and Renewals Learn More
Selection and successful adoption of Customer Success technology solutions that drive scalable and intelligent delivery of recurring customer value realization Learn More

Meet Ross Fulton

Ross Fulton is our Founder and Principal with over 15 years of leadership roles in B2B software go-to-market strategy, sales engineering and customer success. Ross has sat on both sides and astride the wall that separates sales strategy from post-sales strategy in so many software companies.

Ross has enabled private and public technology companies to launch and optimize recurring revenue business models. These include a gain-share recurring revenue model for a FTSE 250 software solutions company, a subscription revenue based business model for a 30 year old software company taking its first SaaS solution to market, and a subscription plus consumption revenue based business model for one of the world’s largest software solution providers.

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